BMUN XI – provisional date

Save the date: mark your calendars in pencil with Monday 10 December 2018 for the Eleventh Benenden Model United Nations conference.

Application information will be sent out before the summer holidays next year.

BMUN over for another year

BMUN10 drew to a close yesterday evening. Another successful MUN conference – we hope you all enjoyed the experience. Commiserations to those schools who were unable to travel yesterday. We missed you, and your contributions – but we still had a really stimulating day of debate.

Cabinet Committee Update.

At the beginning of committee you will be asked to introduce yourself and give more detail on what your role entails and what power you have (you will receive a summary at the start of the day as well).

 The Scenario

Yesterday the investment bank, Lehman Sisters, collapsed. The Dow fell 800 points in one day. British bank, Southern Stone, is facing a liquidity crisis after borrowing large sums of money. Customers are queuing round the block to withdraw their savings. The country finds itself in the midst of a recession, unemployment is at its highest since 2009.

Your cabinet has imposed a hard Brexit, where the UK is not a member of the single market, does not accept free movement and is not part of the customs union. This is coming into effect in 3 months, discussions about the trade deal with the EU are still ongoing.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran are growing. More details can be found here:


First mailing for BMUN X was sent out yesterday

Hopefully you have received your invitation to attend BMUN X. (If you didn’t receive an email please check your Junk Items in case those pesky filters didn’t like your email being sent as a bcc.)

Do get in touch if you have any queries or want to find out more about the conference. Have a good summer when it arrives!

Deadline for applications 30 September 2017.

BMUN X – Date confirmed

Save the date: Monday 11 December 2017 for the Tenth Benenden Model United Nations conference.

Application information will be sent out before the summer holidays.


The countdown is most definitely on for the day of BMUN IX. To all visiting schools: drive safely and we look forward to welcoming you after 11am.  Please note this year Registration will take place in the Theatre Foyer. This is where everything can be collected. Advisor badges will be in one of the Delegation envelopes. Make sure you all pick up your Handbooks for all the crucial information about rest of the day. See you tomorrow!

More information coming soon…

We hope you are all excited about the forthcoming BMUN IX conference. We have been overwhelmed by the number of schools wanting to come along this year. Fantastic! We are now back from Half Term. Preparations are going really well and we are currently putting finishing touches to our allocations matrix. Emails with detailed information on your school’s allocation will hopefully be sent to everyone by the end of this week. Research reports will also be available in the next couple of weeks to help delegates with their individual country and question research.

BMUN IX – Monday 5 December 2016

Applications are being sent out for the Ninth Benenden Model United Nations Conference. If you have not received the invitation email please get in touch.

Deadline for submission of application is Friday 30 September 2016.

More information will be posted on this site in the lead up to the conference.

Any questions, email

BMUN8 is over…

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part today and helped make BMUN8 the success it was. Thank you to all!

If you would like to relive some of the moments, click here for one of several videos expertly produced by the Royal Russell Media team. Thanks very much.

Please pencil in Monday 5th December 2016 for BMUN9!