BMUN IX Agenda

Agenda for BMUN IX:

SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee):

  • The question of protection of rights of the LGBTQ+ community across the globe

SPECPOL (Special Political Committee):

  • The question of capacity building in failing states

DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee):

  • The question of the militarisation of space

ECOSOC (Economic & Social Committee):

  • The question of the integration and assimilation of migrants into new environments

WHO (World Health Organisation):

  • The question of the containment of the Zika Virus


  • The question of the Kurdish people



  • General topic of the relating to the nation state of China (the specific question to be debated will be distributed on the day)

The Crisis Committee will be conducted through a clause-by-clause debate and will run in the form of double delegations. There will be a total of 25 states present, but 2 delegates from each country. The delegates will work together to defend their position and represent their nations views. We feel this will benefit the creation of clauses and amendments leading to more comprehensive solutions being found.

More information will be available on the workings of the committee on closer to the time. The Crisis itself will be introduced at the conference with a series of installments throughout the conference.



  • The question of the Jammu and Kashmir state in 1948

The Secretariat of BMUN IX is pleased to announce the introduction of a Historical Committee to this year’s agenda. Delegates will be transported back to the little-known origins of the Kashmir and Jammu conflict in the wake of the Partition of India and Pakistan. Delegates will take the positions of the countries in their 1948 context and will not be allowed to use evidence after 1948 within the debate.

More information will be available on the question and the workings of the committee on closer to the time.


  • The question of the discrimination of wizarding minorities in light of the recent Muggleborn Massacre

The Secretariat of BMUN IX is equally as pleased to announce the addition of a Fantasy Committee to BMUN IX’s agenda. The Council of the Wizarding World will be based around the world created in JK Rowling’s novels. It is very important that representatives on the Council of the Wizarding World have prior knowledge of the novels and BMUN IX does not suggest the placement of less experienced delegates in this niche committee. The students will be character representatives of associations in the Wizarding World.

This Committee will also be in Double Delegations: 2 delegates will be needed to represent each association. More information will be available on the question and the workings of the committee on closer to the time. It is particularly important for delegates in this Committee to read their briefing documents as the nature of the Committee requires specific context guidelines to be set (in particular, a description of the Muggleborn Massacre will be outlined).


NB: Although the delegates will be representing characters views it is important to remember that they play the part of representatives and therefore costumes will not be tolerated at BMUN IX