Council of the Wizarding World

The Question of the Discrimination of Wizarding Minorities in light of the recent Muggleborn Massacre.


At 9:32pm on the 31st October 2016, a tragic event struck our community with the gravest of repercussions.  The periphery of Diagon Alley was swarming with wizards following a Halloween event hosted at the Leaky Cauldron. Following the appearance of the Dark Mark for the first time since the fall of Lord Voldemort 15 years ago, a combination of lethal and Unforgivable curses were fired. 764 Muggleborns lost their lives, with many more injured, at the hands of extremist supporters of the Pure Blood Party (PBP).  Sadly, 36 innocent muggles also lost their lives, forcing the British Parliament and the muggle population to question the arbitrary nature of the attack. It should be noted that currently only past and present Prime Minsters should be aware of the existence of the Wizarding World.

Riots have broken out across the wizarding community, with the Fantastical Beasts Alliance, in collaboration with the Goblins and Elves, fronting the campaign. As populations who have often felt marginalized in the past, they feel particularity threatened by the rise of the PBP.

Background information:

It has been 15 years since the fall of Lord Voldemort and the momentous events at the Great Battle of Hogwarts. While he has been defeated, his ideology still has a place in the Dark Community today, and his legacy has exposed some of the great rifts and disagreements within the magical society.

The Council of the Wizarding World was a bi-product of the International Warlock Convention of 1289, consisting of representatives of every different strand of the wizarding society around the globe. It should also be noted that Ghosts and Ghouls are permitted to remain on the Council in the afterlife (Peace be Unto Them), should they so wish it, and play just as equal a role as its living members. It functions as an an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation, and has as a primary goal, global peace. This particular session has been called to discuss the aforementioned events, and to tackle the ongoing question of the ‘Discrimination of Wizarding Minorities in light of the recent Muggleborn Massacre’.

We are currently in the midst of the campaign season in the lead up to the General Election for the Ministry of Magic to take place January 2017. The PBP is a far right party which has the ultimate goal of achieving Pure-blood supremacy within both the magical community and the Muggle World. It has gained momentum in recent years, and has carried out other small scale attacks since Kinglsey Shacklebolt’s appointment as Minister for Magic. These assaults have specifically targeted minority groups such as Squibs, Muggleborns, Fantastic Beasts and occasionally, even Half-bloods.

Key Figures

Chairwitches of the Council:

Ella Bathilda Dagworth-Granger and Milly Laurentia Godelot

Minister for Magic:

Kingsley Shacklebolt

Leader of the PBP:

Wilbert Toothill

Headmaster of Hogwarts:

Neville Longbottom

To Consider:

What measures should be taken to ensure that the secrecy of the Wizarding World is kept from the Muggle community in light of the highly visible attack (for example a Muggle Repelling Charm, Issuing wizard-wide invisibility cloaks etc.)

How to protect minorities from future attacks

How to combat the rise of extremism across the Wizarding World

The role of education

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