Economic and Social

The Question of the Integration and Assimilation of Migrants into New Environments



Nowadays there are an estimated 230 million international migrants, travelling over borders across the world. There are many reasons for causing someone to migrate including but not limited to: economic, social, political and environmental conflict.

Key Terms

Assimilation – people being absorbed and integrated into a wider culture or society

Integration – bringing people into equal participation in or membership of a social group or institution

Economic migration – moving to find work or follow a career path

Social migration – moving somewhere for a better quality of life or to be closer to family or friends

Political migration – moving to escape war or political persecution

Environmental migration – moving due to causes such as natural disasters

Migrant Integration

The European Union (EU) records migrant integration on the basis of employment, health, education social inclusion and active citizenship in ruling the country.


Ø  Unemployment rate

Ø  Employment rate

Ø  Activity rate

Ø  Self-employment

Ø  Over-qualification rate

Labour force survey (LFS).


Ø  Self-reported unmet need for medical care

Ø  Life expectancy

Ø  Years with a healthy life

EU statistics on income and living conditions (EU-SILC) survey.


Ø  Educational attainment

Ø  Tertiary

Ø  Leaving school early

Ø  Language skills of non-native speakers

Ø  Participation in lifelong learning

Ø  Not in education, employment or training 

Labour force survey (LFS).

Social Inclusion

Ø  Medium net income

Ø  Persons at risk of poverty or social exclusion

Ø  Property ownership

Ø  Child poverty

Ø  Housing cost overburden

Ø  Overcrowding

Ø  Severe material deprivation rate

Ø  People living in households with very low work intensity 

EU statistics on income and living conditions (EU-SILC) survey.

Active citizenship

Ø  The share of life long residence

Ø  The naturalisation rate

è [The ratio between the number of persons who acquired the citizenship of a country during a calendar year and the stock of foreign residents in the same country at the beginning of the year.]

Possible Solutions

  • Due to previously failed attempts at integration, a suggested UN body to ensure sufficient education of the current, pressing issue to the wider public is crucial.
  • Integration is critical in order to achieve world peace and this is why this question so urgently needs resolution. Peace with integration allows for
  • Bringing to question the discrimination against women related to migration, this matter must also be rectified. Women should not have to endure further prejudice since this breaches their access to human rights
  • Reminding delegates of the recent crises with Mexican migration and the necessity to resolve this.
  • More than 11% of Mexico’s native population live abroad (both legally and illegally) which helps remind us of the need to eliminate illegal migrants and a community in which it is safe to be able to migrate.

Net Migration Rates

Net Migration Rate


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