BMUN VI Officers

Student Officers
Annie Koerling
President of General Assembly
Isla McDougall
Deputy Secretary-General
Poppy St John
Head of Section
Head of Admin
Freya Bell
Head of Security
Holly Pemberton
Heads of Press
Daisy Butler-Gallie
Jemima Salmon
Committee Chairs
Security Council
President of Security Council: Katherine Boucher
Vice-President: Sam Roberts (Royal Russell School)
Political Committee
Head Chair: Conor Steeds (Royal Hospital School)
Co-chair: Seb Mansley (RGS Guildford)
Co-chair: Alice Jackson
Special Committee on Genetics
Head Chair: Hannah Wooldridge
Co-chair: Lizzie Nelmes
Co-chair: Andrew Egan (Royal Hospital School)
Health Committee
Head Chair: Lara Ouvaroff
Co-chair: Jenny Saving
Co-chair: Charlotte Aston (Royal Russell School)
Economic and Social Committee
Head Chair: Natalie Hongchoy
Co-chair: Dani Huleatt-James
Co-chair: Hamza Chaudhry (Royal Russell School)
Ecology and Environment Committee
Head Chair: Sarah Cameron
Co-chair: Fenella Greenfield
Co-chair: Angus Hammond (RGS Guildford)
Disarmament Committee
Head Chair: Alice Woods
Co-chair: Jacko Chan
Co-chair: Georgia Davies (Royal Russell School)
Human Rights Committee
Head Chair: Caitlin Powell
Co-chair: Letty Byatt
Co-chair: Zach Tabor (Royal Hospital School)