Agenda for BMUN VII

Broadly speaking we are taking the British system and the American system to mean the following:

BS) Resolutions prepared beforehand as per usual
AS) Clause-by-clause debate, delegates bring along prepared clauses with the aim of forming a resolution as a committee.
General Assembly
• The question of a mandatory polio vaccine in all States (AS)
• The question of retention without trial (AS)

Security Council
• The question of Intervention in Somalia (AS)

• The question of the rights of aid workers and journalists in conflict zones (BS)
• The question of the formation of a trade treaty between The United States of America and the European Union (AS)

Human Rights
• The question of the justification of evasive torture techniques as a means of protecting national security (BS)
• The question of whether soldiers should be held accountable for war crimes despite it being their profession (AS)

• The question of protecting the status of women in developing countries (BS)
• The question of protecting global trade against currency manipulation within nations (AS)

• The question of the abolishment of weapons from all educational sites (BS)
• The question of limiting gang warfare in drug territories through the use of chemical weapons (AS)

Ecology and Environment
• The question of a water crisis in the Middle East (BS)
• The question of favouring sustained aid subsequent to environmental disasters (AS)

Health Committee
• The Question of whether inflicting medical research and testing on animals is justifiable (BS)
• The question of whether all women should have access to abortion centres (AS)

Crisis Committee

This year we will be running a crisis committee, where the topic of discussion will be known but the specific question to be debated will be distributed on the day. The crisis for BMUN VII will be a crisis in the African continent. Can all delegates ensure they have undertaken thorough research! This crisis question will be debated using the American system of MUN.

Dystopian Committee

For the first time at BMUN, we are holding a dystopian committee. The delegates in this committee will be given an especially detailed briefing paper that they will have to work closely with, as well as the email address of the Head Chair for any specific questions.

• The question of defending the new nation of Urasia from an unknown disease born from the side effects of biological weaponry used on them by the USA