The Question of Abolishment of Weapons from all Educational Sites

Shootings and violence in schools is a predominant problem throughout the world, especially in the US. Most recent is the shooting in Seattle USA but there have also been shootings in several schools in the past few years including in African countries and European countries.

A list of examples from school shootings can be found here:


When writing a resolution or doing research on the questions, take note of any shootings that have occurred in your country and use them as examples, this will seem honest within debate and so you won’t appear to be hiding any information.

Make sure to look at the current laws concerning weapons in educational sites in your country. This gives you a good perspective on the views of your delegation and helps you to fulfill the role. Most delegations will want to enforce the laws they have established in the UN.

Remember to ensure that your source is reliable – the UN website is great to use and has news updates.


Chapter 4 of “The world report on violence against children” is worth reading through and is highly relevant


Whatever delegation you have been given, find your country’s most reliable news source and search for any relevant news that you can use to motivate you when writing your resolution.


The Question of limiting Gang Warfare in Drug Territories through the Use of Chemical Weapons

Look at the issues to do with gangs and drug territories in your country. Do you want to confront this issue? Many places in South America and Central America will have a problem with this.

Then, research what your delegation’s view on chemical weapons is. How many chemical weapons does your country own? It is important to research the chemical weapons convention – most countries have signed and ratified this:



Angola, Egypt, North Korea and South Sudan have not signed this.

You then need to argue whether chemical weapons can be used in specific cases – specifically in drug territories. What is the cost of the use of chemical weapons?

What are the hazard/risks involved?

Links for background on chemical weapons:



Links for drug related crime in different countries:

http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/data-and-analysis/statistics/crime.html click on this link and download the “drug related crime” spreadsheet under “statistics on crime”.