The Question of Defending the new nation of Urasia from an Unknown Disease born from the side effects of Biological Weaponry used on them by the USA

Although being a peaceful nation, the state of Urasia has recently had a strong development in the weaponry sector while working with the US. However, after having meetings with Russia, the US turned on the state of Urasia and became aggressive. When the state of Urasia threatened to leak the armament developments to the world live on public television, the US introduced sanctions and cut off trade. The Urasian population began to revolt and the country was thrown into turmoil. After having ignored an ultimatum outlining how the US would end sanctions once the Government of Urasia handed over the weapons, the US sent over a biologically developed bomb into the central city of the island releasing a mutated virus.

The Virus is:

  • Airborne
  • Toxic if inhaled through the nose/mouth
  • Mortality: 80%


  • Begins with raging flu symptoms
  • Eventually leads to blood loss through excretory systems
  • Hematemesis is a common effect after 48 hours

Most patients experience flu symptoms for 2-3 days prior to exhibiting secondary effects. The majority die within the week they are infected. No vaccination has yet be created. The population of the island stands at 1, 032,000 with 2103 people already infected by the disease. Within the past 2 weeks of the virus being discovered, 952 people died. Of those 952 patients, 820 died within a week with 132 dying within 13 days.

Geographic Position

dystopia mapCentral parts of Urasia are home to oil fields and specific areas are forested natural parks and so environmentally and scientifically this island is important. There are restrictions within the Island’s ruling on what can be done on the island.

Political State:

A democratic nation with a small military force and elections every 5 years.


There have been ancient burial sites located on the island in the past. At present, the nation is remaining religiously neutral but there has been pressure for the islands to take on refugees suffering from religious discrimination in some of the surrounding nations. The government denied access as it felt this would cause conflict among the peaceful nation.

Possible International Reactions to Consider:

Quarantine the entire nation? – To what extent? Including trade?

Send in immediate help from other countries to begin working on a vaccination?

How should the USA be dealt with? If at all?

Should world aid services be involved?

Should the island be evacuated? Or even obliterated?

These are a few options out of many different approaches possible. You must use your country’s policy to decide what your state would do.