General Assembly

Within General assembly the following topics will be discussed through the American System:

  • The Question of a Mandatory Polio Vaccine in all States
  • The Question of Retention without Trial

The Question of Mandatory Polio Vaccine in all States

On 2 June 2014 the WHO Director-General determined that the international spread of wild type poliovirus constitutes a public health emergency of international concern under the International Health Regulations (IHR).

At this link is a list of Polio infected countries with recommendations with how to tackle the disease:

There are two types of vaccine used to immunise against the disease as it is currently incurable:

  • Oral Polio Vaccine (OPV) – a live attenuated (weakened) poliovirus is administered through oral drops. In countries where the wild poliovirus is still in circulation, this vaccine is used because administering OPV requires minimal training and equipment.
  • Injected Polio Vaccine (IPV) – an inactivated (killed) polio vaccine that is injected. The inactivated polio vaccine is used primarily in countries where the wild poliovirus has already been eliminated.

How can we stop it?

  • Engage entire societies as some countries do not implement the vaccines on account of the fact they disagree with the fundamental idea of vaccinations.
  • Reach children from mobile/migrant populations, in conflict zones or remote regions.
  • Strengthen immunisation which is the current best defence against Polio.
  • Improve surveillance in high risk areas
  • Governments need to reach out to the poorest people through public services
  • Multilateral institutions and national governments must show high level political commitment.

The Question of Retention without Trial

This is the act incarceration of an arrested person by a government or law enforcement agency without trial aka indefinite detention.

In recent decades, some democratic countries have introduced limited mechanisms whereby they are able to detain individuals without trial, for example; Guantanamo Bay detention camp which is often used as a case study.

Retention without trial is often viewed as a breach of human rights and so is condemned by a lot of the international community.

Guantanamo Bay Detention Camps:

Infamously referred to, these camps are often brought to the attention of the International community. Prisoners in this military prison experienced human rights breaches by those working there as well as being held without trial.

When looking to solve this issue, focus on:

  • Treatment of terrorists
  • How do we stop nations retaining prisoners without trial?
  • Remember to factor in national sovereignty
  • Countries will want to deal with prisoners the way they deem acceptable, varying depending on the country.