BMUN VII Officers

Student Officers

Secretary General

Lara Ouvaroff

President of General Assembly

Sarah Cameron

 Deputy Secretary General

Caitlin Powell


Heads of Committee

Security Council:

President – Alice Jackson

Deputy President – Andrew Jenkins (John Warner)


Head – Izzy Finn

Deputy Chair – Daisy Field

Deputy Chair – Tom Rowland (RGS)


Head Chair – Holly Mackay

Deputy – Georgia Davies (Royal Russell)


Head Chair – Hannah Wooldridge

Deputy Chair – Tobi Karim

Deputy Chair – Ella Hallums (Royal Russell)

Ecology and Environment:

Head Chair – Intie Howell

Deputy Chair – Annie Curtis

Human Rights:

Head Chair – Jen Saving

Deputy Chair – Bb Prendiville


Head Chair – Lycie Samsudin

Deputy Chair – Lizzy Whitney


Head Chair – Lydia Gethin

Deputy Chair – Katie McNab

Deputy Chair – Maria Slobodina (Royal Russell)


Co-Chair – Caitlin Powell

Co-Chair – Ellie Hedges


Heads of Section

Press  – Susie Hunt

Security – Poppy Denoon Duncan

Admin – Polly Nichol, Iona Robson, Kate Weston