BMUN X Agenda

Agenda for BMUN X:

Benenden Model United Nations (BMUN X) Conference, Monday 11th December 2017

SOCHUM (Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee):

  • The question of protection of freedom of expression on social media

SPECPOL (Special Political Committee):

  • The question of youth unemployment in Europe

DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee):

  • The Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Asia

ECOSOC (Economic & Social Committee):

  • Promoting the rule of law to facilitate economic and social development

WHO (World Health Organisation):

  • The question of organ trade


  • The question of the Venezuelan Crisis



    • The general topic of this committee will be an economic crisis similar to the 2008 crash

This will be a cabinet simulation where the economy has crashed, among various other crises as well. Delegates will be assigned as certain ministers and officials in the cabinet for individual departments and will work to stabilize the country.

More information will be available on the workings of the committee on closer to the time. As it is effectively a crisis committee more information will be available on the day. It is advised that more experienced MUN Delegates and debaters apply for this committee.


    • The question of Castilian Succession Crisis 1475 – 1479

The Secretariat of BMUN X is pleased to announce the introduction of a Historical Committee to this year’s agenda. Delegates will be transported back to 15th Century Spain, a place divided between Castile and Aragon, Joanna and Isabella. Delegates will either represent individual people, or there will be the opportunity of for them to represent families in pairs.

More information will be available on the question and the workings of the committee on closer to the time.