SOCHUM- Human Right Violations in Sudan

Description of your topic:

  • Human right violations have been occurring in Sudan since at least 2009
  • Most keenly the ethnic cleansing in Darfur- described by some as a genocide, currently being investigated by ICC
    • At least 200,000 dead
  • The government have also been accused of slavery, prisoner abuse and mass sexual assault under Bashir
    • September 2018- April 2019 about 100 people raped and 180 people abducted

Its history:

  • President Bashir came into power 30 years ago and subsequently imposed marshal rule
  • Followed strict Shariah code
  • He welcomed many Jihadists to Sudan and consequently the country has numerous terrorist groups
  • Recently the regime was overthrown, and a new president (Hamdok) put into power however, the legacy still continues from the old regime and procedures cannot be put in place considering the size of the reforms that need to occur

Important countries involved:

  • The UN has an arrest warrant out for Bashir for Human Right Violations in Darfur
  • US has listed Sudan as a state sponsor for terrorism since 1993- unwilling even now to remove
  • Approximately 200,000 refugees have fled to Chad- have had to set up refugee camps to accommodate
  • 20,000 more have fled to Congo and Uganda since September 2018
  • US, Dutch and UK aid organisations have all been expelled from the country
  • Kenya and Congo have actively fought against Sudanese Jihadis to keep them out of their own countries

Past solutions which have worked or failed:

  • UN has set up a Human Rights office in September 2019 aiming to promote minorities within the country
  • WFP, FAO, UNDP, UNIDO, UNICEF, UNHCR, UNIMAS, OCHA and IMO all present in Sudan
  • The country fought for national sovereignty under Bashir and thus has refused many international efforts to help it however, under the new regime it has become far more willing to accept foreign aid while it restructures and eventually returns to stability once more