General Assembly Briefing Document

General Assembly Briefing Papers added

Within General Assembly two topics will be discussed through the American System:

  • The Question of a Mandatory Polio Vaccine in all States
  • The Question of Retention without Trial

As part of their conference preparation delegates are strongly encouraged to consider and bring along potential operative clauses for one or both of the General Assembly topics.

As always, any questions do get in touch

Briefing Documents

The Briefing Documents for BMUN VI are now available for you to read on the site, follow the menu for BMUN VI.

We look forward to hearing your solutions and debates about each of these discussion items.

Conference Map now available

The map of conference locations for BMUN 5 is now available, just click on the tab above.

With the conference fast approaching we hope that everyone is geared up and looking forward to an exciting and challenging time.

See you all soon!

Benenden MUN 5

The Fifth Benenden MUN Conference is rapidly approaching and will soon be upon us.  This website is a new venture and we are constantly updating it as we approach the conference so check back again soon for more information.

Briefing documents for all the committees are now available from the Briefing Documents link in the menu bar.