Dear Delegates,

Welcome to ECOFIN! My name is Sophie and I will be your Head Chair in the Economic and Financial Affairs Council. My co-chair will be Audrey.

This year’s BMUN will be my first experience in chairing, and we are greatly honoured to be here. We believe that MUN greatly offers a variety of experiences, such as learning about current affairs, different governments globally, confidence and public speakers. We hope that all of you will be able to develop these skills listed above, and that we can help make the day smoother and more fun.

No matter whether this is your first conference or whether you are a seasoned veteran who has many conferences under your belt, we hope that all of you have a chance to make some points, write some speeches, and make some friends! We cannot wait to see you all there and we are certainly looking forward to seeing fruitful debate.

Best wishes,

Sophie and Audrey

Please download the PDF document for the full briefing paper.

ECOFIN Briefing Paper