BMUN XV – Security Council


We are delighted that you have chosen to take part in Benenden School’s fifteenth Security Council Committee. Leading the Council this year will be Aliya (President) and Annabel (President Pro Tempore), and we are thrilled to be meeting you soon

As experienced delegates, we are hoping to provide you with support during the lead up to the debate, but also during the day it will take place. We believe that Model United Nations is a truly rewarding experience which grants everyone the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of international relations, giving young people like us the opportunity to listen to, as well as hear, about topics which are pivotal to the scope of the world today.

The question of foreign intervention in conflict areas is a contemporary issue our world faces today; with over thirty countries engages in active conflict as of November 2022, it is essential that we dissect our understandings of conflict, both violent and peaceful, and determine the role the Security Council ought to play in dealing with these problems. Through our global awareness of high-profile conflicts such as the Russo-Ukrainian crisis, the Yemen conflict and tensions in the Gaza strip, we hope that the abundance of examples helps your delegation form an articulate and well formulated response to this debate.

Although the Security Council is known as a challenging committee, we encourage you, no matter the depth or breadth of your MUN knowledge, to partake in this conference to the best of your abilities. MUN is designed to be a fun, but highly stimulating experience, and we hope that this builds up your excitement for our debate. We can’t wait to meet you; until then, keep up with M-U-N and remember that it is F-U-N!

Please download the PDF document for the full briefing paper.