Cabinet Committee Update.

At the beginning of committee you will be asked to introduce yourself and give more detail on what your role entails and what power you have (you will receive a summary at the start of the day as well).

 The Scenario

Yesterday the investment bank, Lehman Sisters, collapsed. The Dow fell 800 points in one day. British bank, Southern Stone, is facing a liquidity crisis after borrowing large sums of money. Customers are queuing round the block to withdraw their savings. The country finds itself in the midst of a recession, unemployment is at its highest since 2009.

Your cabinet has imposed a hard Brexit, where the UK is not a member of the single market, does not accept free movement and is not part of the customs union. This is coming into effect in 3 months, discussions about the trade deal with the EU are still ongoing.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran are growing. More details can be found here: